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Compu-Med Billing Services is a full-service regional medical billing company in business since 1997. We offer a comprehensive package of services that we will individually tailor to your practice. We provide the best and most personal service possible and understand our role to help you medical practice excel.


It is our mission to obtain accurate, complete and timely payment from all third party payers and patients for our clients using state-of-the-art technology, proven billing methodologies, effective control systems and highly trained staff while adhering to the highest moral, ethical, legal and practical business standards of our industry.


That is the reason most of our new clients come from referrals from other medical practices who have benefited from our excellent support and services.

By relying on our Billing Expertise instead of taking on the cost and challenge in-house, our clients and their staff can do what they do best instead of focusing on administration and operations. Healthcare billing is an ever more complex endeavor with the constant changes in rules, updates and compliance regulations from the insurance carriers. Add to this the ICD-10 changes coming on board and the greater efficiency of teams dedicated to nothing but medical billing and you can see why more and more medical providers choose this route.

Risk Sharing

We only get paid when you get paid. So whereas industry denials benchmarks run up to 30% or more of a practice's billing – our average across thousands of claims runs much lower. Our medical billing specialists are dedicated to getting as much of your money for you as possible. We maximize revenues by lower the costs per dollar collected and this is where the efficiency of having highly trained medical billing staff kicks in.  

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Services Include:

  • Claims Filing (Depended on payer most claims are filed electronically)
  • Payment Processing (Payment and EOBs are reconciled for clients and we audit for correct payment and/or benefits)
  • Statements (On behalf of the practice we send out statement and collections specifically to YOUR specifications)
  • Appeals (To increase revenues, we invest significant effort to pursuing claims where a payment or denial was made incorrectly, we challenge the payers to receive the maximum reimbursement. specifically to YOUR specifications)
  • Answer Patient Billing Questions (Our trained staff represents your practice in a courteous and professional manner when answering their medical billing questions)

Most medical practices and many medical billing companies have limited resources that almost never take the time to do the billing and revenues cycle management work completely or timely. They tend to focus on the “easy reimbursements”. By routinely applying timely and aggressive claims management; Compu-Med Billing Services is able to generate higher and more consistent collections, typically at lower costs for most practices.


Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your billng and revenue cycle managment. 701-282-0081

Business and Practice Management Services:


How is your BUSINESS doing? Are all phases of your practice operating at an above average level?


Despite the potential for serious consequences, many practices fail to address the bottlenecks, redundancies, delays and waste in their business and practice management. Perhaps they can't see past “the way we've always done it,” or perhaps the complexities of modern medical practice make inefficiency seem inevitable. Or perhaps they just don't know where to begin.


Our systematic and analytical business and practice management approach evaluates efficiencies and provide value driven solutions. Our vast experience and proven record has lead us to believe that a practice efficiency must emphasize:

  • Business Plan Development & Implementation.  (Financial performance, strategic, tactical and marketing planning, SWOT analysis, LEAN management & more)
  • Patient Perspective and Experience Improvment.  (Marketing and communication, patient outcome and satisfaction surveys & evaluations & more)
  • Perfromance Indicators & Analytics. (KPI assessment (productivity, capacity, profitability etc), development and implementation. 6 Sigma, ROI, IRR, new service line evaluation, & more)
  • Compliance and Risk Management Review. (Compliance requirment related to care, operations and health information management.  From OSHA, CLIA, HIPAA, HITECH, EPA, CMS, state and federal regulators, & more)

Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your Business and Practice management. 701-282-0081

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