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Great…you found us! Now, relax. Because from here on out, we’ll take managing your back office off your hands.

Running an efficient, effective and profitable medical practice has never been more challenging.  Typically when we visit an office, we find that the staff are responsible for so many practice management issues that they “don’t have the time” to focus on the patients or the efficiency of the business.  The are consumed with billing, collections, coding, budgets, accounting, credentialing, compliance, supervision and MORE.


The Compu-Med team supports your practice and frees your staff from many of the duties that prevent them from giving quality patient care.


As a full-service billing and practice management agency, we get you paid quickly and we maximize what you are getting paid,  we improve your patient experience and satisfaction, we develop efficiencies in your operation and we minimize the compliance risks; so YOU can focus on your patients and the QUALITY of their care.


Now you and your staff can focus on treating patients that are in front you–rather than handling the time-consuming problems and mountains of paperwork required by the operational side of your practice.

Sound good? Let’s schedule an Accounts Receivables & Practice review. Just click the box on the right to schedule a convenient time.


With Revenue Cycle Management we…

  • File your Claims
  • Process your Billing
  • Request Insurance Reimbursements
  • Reconcile Patient Payments
  • Send Patient Statements
  • Answer Patient Phone Calls about their Bills
  • Hold Insurance Companies Accountable for Unpaid Reimbursements

With Practice Management we…

  • Credential Providers
  • Business Planning
  • Monitor Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes
  • Conduct Workflow Mapping, Audits and Corrective Action Plans
  • Benchmark Financial Performance
  • Facilitate Strategic and Operational Efficiencies
  • Identify Vulnerabilities, Assess Risk and Corrective Action Plans



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